A colleague at work loaned the boxed set of the TV Series Firefly to me. It took me 3 months before I got round to watching them. They were fantastic. Unfortunately some numpty executives at the FOX TV network cancelled the show part way through its first series so only 14 episodes were made.

Somehow Joss Wheedon persuaded Universal Studios to make a movie called Serenity. Unfortunately all 5 preview showings in the UK were completely booked out, so I had to wait until October 7th to see it on the day of its general release. The DVD came out on February 27th 2006 w00t I pre-ordered it from play.com the week before and it arrived on the Saturday; I'm sure there's stuff in the DVD version of the film that wasn't in the version I saw at the cinema. I will have to watch it again with the director's commentary on this time. 

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